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A mixture of wetting agents, foaming agents, emulsifiers, and rust inhibitors formulated expressly for the fire service. PENETRO-WET greatly increases the fire extinguishing efficiency of water, therby reducing water damage and conserving that valuable water supply. Stevens Penetrowet
PENETRO-WET is a “Class A” foaming product. Used with a modern variable percentage eductor, PENETRO-WET bridges the realm of fire fighting capabilities. Use at low percentages for simple “Class A” fires (grass, etc.) where thorough wetting is required and increase eductor percentage settings when heavier foam is desired.
A “Class A” product with a different approach – maximum wetting, minimum foam. More foam when you need it with no extra expensive equipment required. PENETRO-WET, used strictly as “Class A” foam, produces a substantial foam blanket with superior wetting capabilities. Drain time and stability are not compromised. PENETRO-WET is also effective as an emulsifying agent when used at increased concentrations on light petroleum spills, vehicle accidents, etc.

Product Capabilities

  • 100% Non-toxic
  • Non flammable
  • Harmless to equipment
  • Reduces water damage
  • Environmentally safe and biodegradable
  • Contains Tank Preserver for preventative maintenance
  • Saves water with high dilution rates
  • Rust and corrosion protectant
  • No re-kindles
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X-pando Foam

A detergent type variable percentage/variable expansion blend of foaming and wetting agents intended for class A fires. Use through a C.A.F. or eductor to produce volumes of high expansion foam or with regular foaming equipment consistent with the type of foam required.

Stevens x-pando is a non-flammable product with infinite shelf life – no more throw-away foam. A variable percentage foam concentrate. x-pando may be used with most foam making equipment.

x-pando extinguishes with volumes of wet moist foam, cutting the oxygen supply while creating cooling steam as the area is blanketed or completely filled. Also recommended for basically all class “A” fires, x-pando can be invaluable on fires difficult to fight by conventional methods.
Stevens Xpando Foam
Used at 3% or less, Stevens x-pando offers low percentage use rates combined with reasonable per-gallon cost and infinite shelf life to give you a “general purpose foam value.”

Product Capabilities

  • Variable percentage foam concentrate
  • Non-flammable
  • Genral purpose foam value
  • May be used with most foam making equipment
  • For use with all clas “A” fires
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Emulsi-flash uses the principle of emulsification to break petroleum products down into a detergent type solution. Small particles become trapped as they are coated with Emulsi-flash, thus cleaning the system.

Eliminates the problem of gas and oil floating. Spills will settle to the bottom once emulsified. Flammable vapor is greatly reduced. RECOMMENDED PRE-APPLICATION DILUTION: 50/50 Solution water and Emulsi-flash.

DIRECTIONS: Charge tank with emulsi-flash and water (50/50 solution) and apply with fine coating spray. Spill will turn milky-white. Using heavy spray or semi-straight stream, continue application creating agitation. When emulsification is complete, flush with water. Flushing procedure is greatly improved when Stevens PENETRO-WET is used in a booster tank. Spills on water will settle to the bottom once emulsification is accomplished.
Stevens Emulsi-Flash

Product Capabilities

  • Economical
  • Non-flammable
  • Emulsifies spills to reduce combustion hazards
  • Works on land and water to control petroleum spills
  • For use in sewers, marinas, harbors, holding ponds etc.
  • Tried and tested formula
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Husky 814

A ready-to-use, quaternary ammonium disinfectant spray cleaner that is ideal for fire facilities due to its extensive list of disinfectant claims including Tuberculosis and Norovirus. Inhibits growth of mold and mildew and controls related odors. EPA registered as a Broad Spectrum Disinfectant cleaning product.

The EPA testing center for Covid19 has acclaimed this product with the fastest kill time in the United States for a liquid disinfectant. Husky 814 is for use on the personal turn out gear and equipment, including the fire engine and also the fire station environment.

We have the Husky 814 in stock in quart and gallon containers. The gallons come packaged 4 to a case and the quarts are 12 to a case. You can order the Husky 814 along with your other fire fighting products.
Stevens Husky 814

Product Capabilities

  • Economical
  • Rated with “Fastest Kill Time” for COVID19 for a liquid disinfectant
  • Comes in quart and gallon cases
  • For use on gear and equipment
  • Safe for use on the fire engine and in the fire station environment
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Tank Preserver

A concentrated formulation of rust inhibitors and lubricants for booster tanks, water wagons or any water storage unit where prevention or elimination of rust, corrosion and deposits is desirable. TANK PRESERVER is an experienced product with over 65 years of success and satisfied customers.

Added to your water supply, TANK PRESERVER disperses quickly. Circulation or mixing is desirable to ensure coverage of all extremities of the water system. TANK PRESERVER immunizes metal against rust. Deterioration from rust and corrosion is eliminated. Use on new or old equipment with equal success. With TANK PRESERVER usage, new equipment will stay free of rust and corrosion.
Stevens Tank Preserver

Product Capabilities

  • A concentrated mixture of rust inhibitors and lubricants
  • Tried and true for almost 65 years!
  • Eliminates sticking and corroding valves
  • Keeps water clear of rust
  • Safe to use on new and old equipment
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DEOD-R-SPREY is a blend of essential oils skillfully formulated to combat offensive smoke oders resulting from fires in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It is equally effective on other unpleasant odors.

Operator should wear a mask when DEOD-R-SPREYing confined areas. Although NON-TOXIC, atomization induces the “sneeze APPLY with any good atomizer according to directions. Excellent results are obtained by use of a “TRI-JET FOGGER.”
Stevens Deod-R-Sprey

Product Capabilities

  • Doesn’t just cover up odors, but neutralizes and absorbs them
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Non-flammable
  • Now made with a fresh new scent!
  • Double strength
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Turnout Gear Cleaner

The fast, economical way to maintain fire resistant and heat reflective properties. Cleaning equipment with Turnout Gear Cleaner places a safe barrier between the professional firefighter and extreme danger.

Combustible hydrocarbon deposits and toxic residue can become embedded in all Turnout Gear fabric and pose a constant threat to the firefighter as long as they remain. Hydrocarbon deposits can absorb as much as 30% more radiant heat as clean, light-colored Turnout Gear. Stevens Turnout Gear Cleaner has a proven track record. Remember, dirty gear lowers the reflectance, thus, decreasing the safety factor proportionately.
Stevens Turnout Gear Cleaner

Product Capabilities

  • Economical
  • Non-Flammable
  • Excellent MSD
  • Non-toxic
  • Low Foaming
  • High dilution ratio (1.5 ounces of Turnout Gear Cleaner per gallon of water)
  • Environmentally safe
  • Proven track record
  • Makes equipment last longer
  • Designed for safe use with commercial washers and handwashing
  • Helps maintain the garment’s original protective properties
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Hose Brite

Hose Brite is a blend of detergents and emulsifiers designed specifically for the fire service to clean fire hose safely without discoloration or damage.

This product is and has been recommended for years by Circul-Air Corporation for use with their Circul-Air Hose Washer. Use 1 gallon of Stevens Hose Brite with 100 gallons of water or 1 quart with 25 gallons of water.
Stevens Hose Brite

Product Capabilities

  • No mixing required!
  • Doesn’t leave any residue
  • Recommended for years by Circul-Air Corporation for use with their Circul-Air Hose Washer
  • Biodegradable
  • Infinite shelf life
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Practice Foam

Stevens Practice foam in answer to your requests – “give us an inexpensive product to train with!” Now, you can train your team for mere pennies and get the same results that other brands offer.

Stevens Practice foam is a variable percentage Class A type product. Safe and inexpensive to use, Practice foam may be educed at low to high percentages to achieve the desired results of your training session. Although not intended for a “working fire”, Stevens Practice foam is entirely suitable for extinguishing training ground fires.

Practice foam is non-toxic, biodegradable and self dissipating. Plenty of SUDS – No clean up required. FOR TRAINING ONLY – NOT FOR FIRE FIGHTING. Available in 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums.
Stevens Practice Foam

Product Capabilities

  • Train for pennies!
  • Class “A” training product
  • Can be used safely at different percentages
  • For use in training fires
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
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